Must-See Cultural Festivals in Asia

Asia is the largest continent that holds some of the world’s oldest civilizations. Given that the continent is old and it also constitutes around 60% of the world’s population, Asia is very rich in its cultural roots and history. Hence, it’s full of distinctive cultural festivals that depict each nation’s unique traditions. From the world’s famous Chinese New Year to the Holi Hindu mythology.

We came up with a list of the must-see cultural festivals across Asia , that will illustrate a significant experience you won’t be seeing elsewhere.

1- Thaipusam (Malaysia)

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This is a major religious festival for Hindu followers. It is held on the night of the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai.
Attended by millions of locals and thousands of tourists witnessing this spectacular event take place.
While attending the festival, make sure to visit the impressive limestone caves in the Batu area and also there are 3 indoor galleries. An art gallery, a reptile gallery and the Valluvar Kottam.

2- Holi (India)

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This colorful festival is colorful for a very obvious reason. It marks the beginning of spring and celebrates the triumph of good over evil.
In Hindu mythology, this festival resembles the time to end all conflicts and appreciate loving each other, celebrating that by throwing vibrant rainbow colored powder at each other.
Holi is considered to be the most important festival in the Hindu calendar.

3- Boreyeong Mud Festival (South Korea)

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The Boreyeong festival is relatively new, compared with other festivals across Asia. It started taking place in 1998 and was actually born out of a marketing campaign to promote cosmetic products, rich in mineral mud products found in Boreyeong.
Since its turning into an international event, Boreyeong mud festival has become so popular to Koreans and tourists alike. It has grown to an excess of 2 million visitors annually.
This event is full of various mud-related activities, such as mud wrestling, mud massage, mud sliding, mud skiing, colored mud body painting, swimming in pools of mud, mud spas and ending in a brilliant mud fireworks display and dance parties.

4- Chinese New Year (All over Asia)

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The Chinese New Year is celebrated all across the continent and the world.
It is normally s three-day festival celebrating old and new traditions, sounds and flavors.
The highlight of the event is illustrated with dragons and lions walkers, jugglers and acrobats. Along with party vibes, magic shows and fireworks.
Singapore is considered to be the best place to witness a Chinese New Year’s festival, Due to its joyfu and spectacular vibes and shows for three days straight.

5- Winter Light Festival (Japan)

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Winter Light festivals are very popular in Japan, especially in Nabano No Sato park in Kunawa. The park is significantly large, full of some iconic greenhouses, colorful flower gardens and the perfect landscape for a winter illumination event.
Mesmerizing installation of millions of LED lights, creating magical and breathtaking shapes and designs all over the park.
The decoration revolves around a different theme every year. Some of the previous unforgettable themes were the tunnel of light and the illuminated version of Mout Fuji.

Legal Information for Visual Artists: Arts Law

As an artist, you need to understand all your rights as a visual artist! Being a visual artist may really subject you to most vulnerable issues that will actually require you to have a clear understanding of all the rights that visual artists are accorded with regardless of the reasons behind you being an artist! Most issues that do really faces the visual artist includes the moral and also the copyright issues!
Challenges that do really faces the artist will include issues that pertain the printmaking, digital art, installations, craftwork, sculpture, drawing and even painting. Let’s consider the leading issues that every visual artist needs to understand!

1. Copyright

As a visual artist, you are entitled to a wide number of rights that will actually apply to accord yo freedom that you really want!
• You are always in liberty to publish your work in a book or even a newspaper
• You can sell your work through a platform such as a website
• You are always in liberty to reprint or even reproduce your art.

You really need the copyright legal tips since it’s the only way that will ensure that your work is protected and your rights will never be infringed. Ensure that you are paid when someone seeks permission to use your work that you own the copyrights! When hired to draw or produce a portrait, you may really not own copyright issues but you deserve moral credit

2. Moral rights

The artist sometimes may be hired o create a certain text or even produce some art. You need to have a direct connection to your work as a producer. People need to know who is the creator of the art and therefore your needs to be treated a way that pleases you as a creator!
Always be sure on ways that you want the organizers of the events such as the exhibitions, festivals or even competitions to use your art. Fill the conditions of entry forms that will give clear details on how you want your art to be used!

Ensure that the following is shown when your art is being used:

• Name of the artist
• Work title
• Materials
• Year of creation

Ensure that you sign an agreement when your work is being used anywhere. You are the one to grant permission and no one else.
Know your legal rights!

To conclude with, law essays are available on the Internet and you can learn a lot from them especially for Law in the Arts! Learn how to write a law essay step by step through help of an online platform. This the only way to have all your rights well explained and understood!

As a visual artist:

• You have all the rights to negotiate your payment before you grant permission for your art to be used.
• Always have all the agreement details written down when you are working for someone or when your work is being used somewhere.
• A written contract must exist between you and the gallery.
• In instances where you are hired to create art, you always deserve moral rights even if the copyright issues may not prevail, ensure that credit is given to your art!
• Always consult a legal advisor when you really understand nothing about your rights!


Existing Ways to Support the Arts

Support by buying arts

You should not put more focus on the art price, you should evaluate your budget and make a decision on what you need and what you are after in life. Anybody including low-income earners at least has some budget directed to entertainment. So it is important to go for your necessities. To support an artist in his or her pursuit of art, you should buy his/ her art, so even the small amounts count.

Despite your willingness to support arts, you should not buy arts which don’t please you. You should support the artists and artisans whom you are completely satisfied with their work and do it often so as to ensure they are able to grow artistically. Buying their arts in large volumes will make you a vital patron to the artisans. It is often luxurious to indulge them yourself and get the best of their work.

The artist creations are of much help when it comes to supporting the economy and giving people a higher quality lifestyle. The artists are also citizens and they have to spend the cash to buy food, pay taxes and many more. Through this, they are helping other people in keeping their jobs by spending their money. By doing this they participate in building a stronger community.

Support the indie artist first

When planning to go out for a show, give priority to live theatre tickets rather than movie tickets or an indie film instead of the first-run blockbuster. By making these choices, you are supporting producers, directors, new actors and also live theatrical houses. By visiting the theatres you will boost new actors who evolving into the industry.

Purchase books at full price from living authors

Customers who buy books regularly from authors often receive discounts and also bargain when they are buying in large quantities due to them being royal. This may affect the author’s growth because the author is not paid the gross value of books printed but in the end, he or she receives the net value. In cases of print-on-demand always buy books directly from the author’s website. You should not get worried especially when purchasing hardcover versions of ebooks or paperbacks you admired to read them again. By doing this you will make your bookshelves manageable.

By hiring live local musicians in your personal events

There are many personal events that you can hire a musician to celebrate together with some sort of entertainment. A wedding is also another event that may require you to seek the services of a local musician so as to entertain the attendants and make the whole event fantastic. What you need is to just book the artist in advance after agreeing on other terms like their charge rates.

Have jewelry handcrafted for you by artists

On a small budget get semiprecious stones and silver handcrafted by these artists. If you are comfortable with their jewelry, you can now decide to pay for more expensive materials and also elaborate workmanship. By purchasing the necklaces and stock rings you will have helped the artists to survive and grow in the arts industry.